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20 Excerpts from 100+ 5-Star Reviews


I've been to most of the salons in the valley and none are nearly as cool or nice as Butterfly Loft.  The girls at the desk are super friendly and the salon is always so clean.  It's got very modern architecture, but still comfy.  It's really artsy.  Great people watching.  WIsh I could work here or live here. - Tabitha, Studio City

If you are looking for a great local salon with a good bright atmosphere and a great mixture of employees and clientele then definitely check them out. The prices are good, the talent is there. Parking in the back and yummy coffee while you get fancied up. - Nichole, Los Angeles

Classy place and haircut was amazing. I will definitely be back. - Jeff, Woodland Hills

The place is beautiful and spacious. There were TONS of people there, clearly a very popular place, but it didn't feel the least bit crowded or cramped. I am so happy with my cut and the whole experience - I've definitely found my new salon! - Jackie, Burbank

I always see people leave happy. The salon is open, modern and clean. The receptionist is sweet and helpful, always.  Go to Butterfly, you won't regret it! - Portia, Chicago

The customer service was excellent!  all the staff were super nice, and asked me multiple times if i wanted something to drink.  i especially love the natural lighting through the huge window, and i find the white, spacious decor very relaxing.  i especially love the free and plenty of parking spaces - Gloria, Los Angeles

I travel from Santa Monica to Encino to have my hair weaved, cut, and styled at Butterfly Loft.  They've created an amazing space.... It's hip and chic, yet with a comfortable and friendly vibe (no attitude).  You're welcomed by smiling faces, offered coffee/tea/water, and just generally pampered there.  Most important, you'll always have a great result.  I get compliments all the time on my hair color and cut. - Amanda, Santa Monica

The crown jewel of the San Fernando Valley.  From a design standpoint it rivals the best hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs anywhere.  The attention to detail is incredible... even the brooms, hampers, coffee mugs, and door knobs are cool.  The salon has a welcoming, comfortable vibe even though it is bustling with beautiful people... it is not pretentious.
I got my hair cut and colored there and I've never looked better.  Can't wait to return and chill out at Butterfly Loft.  Really cool place! - Janet, Encino

The salon is also great.  It's fun, modern,  and edgy.  Everyone is polite and professional. - Hillary, North Hollywood

So, I walked into the Loft for the first time about 2 months ago. Was not sure what to expect by how fancy the place is. I expected pretentious and expensive. Much to my surprise it was very different.  - Larry, Los Feliz

There is so much to say about Butterfly Loft Salon that I don't even know where to begin. Location! On Ventura in a great shopping center with LOADS of parking.  And OH the salon! It is beautiful, sleek and modern in design using orange and grays to accent the airy loft feel. Then there's the service, style, color and cutting! - Nikki, Los Angeles

Beautifully designed, huge space with floor to ceiling windows.  Everyone was very welcoming and fun. The service and quality of stylist there is what keeps me driving an hour and 20 minutes from Santa Barbara.  There just is no where that compares.  A visit there is like a re-charge to my self-esteem batteries. I always leave feeling fabulous! - Cindy, Santa Barbara

Amazing salon!  The space gives off a very calm yet upbeat vibe with the modern and hip decor, paired with the open space.  The natural light coming through the wall of windows is what differentiates the Butterfly Loft with other salons.  No more claustrophobic spaces!  The staff is extremely friendly and attentive, with a ton of current magazines to read from, as well as an assortment of tea and coffee.  The perfect place to have some time off and relax while being pampered! - Madison, Malibu

The slick, sophisticated space, done up in a modern, utilitarian fashion, hosts a collective expertly trained stylists -- each with his or her own specialty. For a natural, sun-kissed look, Valley princesses flock to this salon, which provides a bustling second story loft-like view of the street below. With a crisp, airy feel from the white walls and sky high light strobes, the laid-back salon and vibe from seasoned pro's is the perfect antidote to questionably talented strip mall hair joints dotting the famed Blvd. - Dora, Westwood

The Butterfly Loft is a fabulous new salon!  Easy to find and although parking in San Fernando is always an issue, it's not here. When you walk in you immediately get a sense of the great, open space.  The salon has a modern, hip look from the artwork to the color scheme.  The receptionists are so welcoming and there's complimentary water and coffee in cool glasses and mugs while you wait.  The stations have comfy chairs to sit in and large mirrors.  Spacious windows bring in lots of light and the stylish shampoo bowls can adjust to your comfort.   Stylists all looked professional and were so friendly.  I always leave looking perfect.  This new salon has all the ideal upscale qualities without the pretentious vibe.  SO looking forward to my next visit!!! - Violet, Santa Barbara

As for Butterfly Loft, it's very modern with an awesome atmosphere. There's cool artwork, immaculate stations, and the receptionists there are lovely and accommodating. The overall experience is very enjoyable! Give it a shot and I can guarantee you'll be hooked! - Jake, Los Angeles

The visual image of the Butterfly Loft was great.  Classy.  Modern.  Clean.  Lots of windows.  Lots of white.  Oh...and easy (free) parking.  Nothing but props for the way they put the place together. - Jason, Sherman Oaks

A gorgeous space with an equally positive vibe from the décor and staff!  You get a true feeling of a collective here - the staff supports one another and must be inspired by the open, modern space!  The space alone is reason to check Butterfly Loft out!  Huge windows, open workspaces.  It's relaxing, while maintaing a hip, lofty feel.  I am super excited knowing that this is my salon for the upcoming years! - Brooke, Los Angeles

The environment at Butterfly Loft is open and clean.  The staff is very professional.  There is a care evident for clients throughout the salon.  I recommend Butterfly Loft to everyone. - Kim, Woodland Hills

It is light, bright and warm, and the people who work there are all extremely nice.  I just love spending time there... and my hair thanks me for it! - Lo, Newport Beach